50 Great Web Developer Resources

Many tools can be reviewed and used like:

  • CSS frameworks
  • Grid systems
  • Minimalist frameworks
  • Mobile frameworks
  • CSS3 email boilerplate templates
  • CSS lint (identifies code problems)
  • CSS normalizer
  • Image sprite creators
  • Pattern creator
  • CSS shape creator (like rounded corner boxes)
  • HTML5 resources
  • JQuery (the current most popular Javascript library in use) resources
  • Adaptive HTML images (huge)
  • Clean and professional .js credit card forms
  • Beautiful forms
  • Code editors
  • SWF to HTML5 converters
  • WordPress development environment

and a lot more…

Our 50 Favorite Web Developers Resources and Tools from 2011

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    Powerful Internet Marketing Tools/Products

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  • Local Domination Trial Local Domination allows you to target a market in a state in the U.S. Just plug in your blog details and it will create categories and posts automatically. This trial lets you have 5 blogs in the system. You can upgrade at anytime!
  • 3 WordPress Premium Business Themes - I 3 Amazing WordPress Premium Business with Developers License.
  • Viral Social Traffic

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