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My Content Marketing Guarantee for 2014

This time of year everything has predictions on what the coming year will hold…

I'm not making a prediction, I've making a guarantee.

2014 is going to be The Year of Storytelling.

No more tactics, tricks, gimmicks or schemes. Posting three times a day on this network and 7 times a day on that network won't matter. Your content mix won't matter, your medium won't matter, your funnel won't matter. 

Only your story will matter.

A strong content mix, picking the appropriate mediums of delivery and distribution as well as a high performing sales funnel are the baseline in 2014.

They're the cost of entry.

In 2014 the great storytellers, those who view their business as art, those who are willing to place themselves out among their audience…

…these will be the businesses that win.

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More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is local in nature and your customers are from within a few miles radius.

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