Google Launches Disavow Links Tool

After Google's Penguin update sites have been penalized for bad links pointing to their site. Google simply changed their mind from previous policies. This launched a new industry of both removing bad links and putting them up against competitors to kill their rankings.

Google now has a tool to assist in disavowing links that you don't want pointing to your site. This is easier than removing them.

Google is making website owners and SEOs run in circles. They're creating and destroying whole industries with the wave of their hand. If you are in this game you need to have tough skin, and keep Matt Cutts on your radar. He is the only Google engineer allowed to speak of the holy algorithms.

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Google Launches Disavow Links Tool
Google has launched a new and widely anticipated “disavow links” tool. The tool was announced by the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts, when speaking during a keynote at the Pubcon conference …

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