Product Launch the Spotify Way

Spotify had a very successful product launch. Here’s how they did it (full details in the link below):

1. Private Beta – to create an element of scarcity with a limited number of invites
2. Geographic Segmentation – plant strategically
3. The “Right” Press and Subtle Hints – get your message in front of the right people, not everyone or a shotgun scatter-blast.
4. Influencers – connect with those that are connected.
5. Virality and Innovation – have viral and sharing capabilities inherently a part of the system.

Take this strategy to heart – it worked very well for Spotify.

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Product Launch the Spotify Way

How to Launch, the Spotify Way
It’s all about the first impression. Whether you’re launching a startup, product or feature, the launch can make or break it. It’s the shining moment when all eyes are on you.

Better make the most o…

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