Local Marketing and Mobile (Should) Go Hand in Hand

"59 percent of the 296 marketers surveyed for this program, (stated that) local marketing is essential to driving business growth and profitability."

"few marketers are truly confident in their ability to activate local audiences. Only 7 percent of respondents feel they have a highly evolved campaign,  complete with measurements and analytics."

Mobile marketing is clearly recognized as looming on the horizon, but companies just aren't integrating it into their local marketing landscape like they know they should.

1. Collaboration for improved activation – marketers must collaborate with key stakeholders in sales  and across the organization.
2. Don’t pick one—leverage social, local and mobile
3. Invest in automation, not just technology

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Local marketing isn't just touch for small businesses. Big ones struggle with it, too.

Study Reveals Brand Marketers Mostly Clueless And Inept At Localization
E-commerce in the US was worth something approaching $300 billion (comScore says $289 billion) in 2012. Offline commerce (goods + services) was worth at least $7 trillion according to US government fi…

More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is local in nature and your customers are from within a few miles radius.

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