+Mark Traphagen Google+ Pro Tip of the Day: Where Community Posts "Live&quo…

+Mark Traphagen Google+ Pro Tip of the Day: Where Community Posts "Live"

How community activity affects your personal profile.

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Sunday Google+ Pro Tip of the Day: Where Community Posts "Live"

Sunday is the day +Jesse Wojdylo has asked me to share with you my Pro Tip of the Week. This week's is a little more "under the hood" of Google+, but I think its interesting–and often useful–to know how some of the gears mesh.

Community Posts are YOUR Posts
The most amazing and least known fact about posts you post to a Community is that they are your posts. That is, they actually "live" on your profile, and are sort of "on loan" to the Community. 

In the structure of Google+, Communities don't actually have any posts of their own. They are simply pages that aggregate member content that Google+ tags with a connection to the particular community (actually, to a category of that community). 

That is why your community posts show on your profile (unless you choose to hide them, but hiding them doesn't disconnect them from your profile ownership). Now, Google+ does have a privacy feature that makes those posts only visible on your profile to people who are in the same Community.

How Do We Know This?
The chief proof of who really "owns" your Community posts is where they go when they "die." If a moderator removes a post of yours from a community, the post continues to exist on your profile. And anyone who had already commented on or plussed the post before it was removed can continue the conversation on it, even though it no longer exists in the community. 

Benefits of Community Post Ownership
That feature is useful for moderation. When I remove someone's post (other than obvious spammers), I usually comment with a brief explanation of why it was removed. Because the post continues to exist on the profile of its creator, we can continue that dialog even after it is removed, helping the member to learn how to better craft posts or shares for the community.

The other benefit of the fact that you own your community posts is that, while undoubtedly the community benefits in reputation with Google for having great posts by authoritative members, you retain SEO credit for your posts in communities. They help build your search authority, and may even help you with subject-area authority in Google Authorshp, as Google turns up the knobs on identifying and ranking Subject Area Authorities (see my post http://www.virante.org/blog/2013/07/15/google-subject-authority-ranking-lead-or-get-out-of-the-way/ for more on that topic).

Image credit: Photo by Kiril Strax on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/thru_the_night/) – Used through a Creative Commons License, some rights reserved by the owner.

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