Pitch Deck Examples – 10 + 1 Excellent Pitch Decks

Pitch Deck Presentations - 10+1 Examples of Pitch DecksPitch Deck – What Are Pitch Decks?

A pitch deck is a presentation created specifically for investors – for you to get funding. The 2 posts below from CashToStart.com and SlideShare.com list 10 examples of the best you can find. The +1 bonus example is a pitch deck that was an overnight sensation and is now open source for your own use.

I especially loved the Elevator Pitch sequence at CashToStart. Made copious notes.

5 Pitch Deck Examples from CashToStart

These 5 pitch decks are for conveying traction and upcoming milestones and examples from a software company, a service-based company, a problem and solution example and an elevator pitch that is appropriate for all businesses.

Best Pitch Deck Examples on Slideshare

Slideshare is a site where you can create presentations and pitch decks like those we discuss in this article.

Pitch Deck +1 – Bonus Example of Pitch Decks

An extremely successful and creative pitch deck that by DressRush that became an overnight sensation became an open source project. Another set of great ideas.

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