Social Media Marketing Tools to Monitor Your Online Presence

Social Media Marketing Tools

5 Top Social Media Marketing Tools

These social media marketing and social media analytics tools track your online presence. Brand management is important and these tools keep your finger on the pulse of the buzz.

1. ConverSocial – processing interactions, prioritizing complaints, and accurately analyzing a conversation history database. The upstart online social media manager provides an innovative analytics tool that measures the success of your updates throughout the day.

2. Engage Sciences – a platform that allows your business to view social media marketing messages, comments, and post replies across all of your Facebook and Twitter channels. Real time metrics give you insight into how many likes and dislikes a post receives. Engage Sciences has created an application that targets “influential” posters and tracks their engagement scores and activity levels.

3. Message Maker – your business can publish and manage social media content across a wide spectrum of online social interaction points. You maintain brand consistency, maximize social engagement opportunities, and generate information that your business can immediately react on.

4. Hootsuite – Hootsuite consolidates your social media marketing strategies into a “dashboard” that manages multiple social websites, schedules messages and tweets, analyzes all social traffic, and determines which customer service issues require immediate attention. This social media management website creates custom reports that track brand sentiment, new follower growth, and likes/dislikes.

5. Sprout Social – You can publish updates and monitor your brand across social media channels with just one click. The discovery tools connect your business with preferred customers. Your business has the capability to analyze statistics such as customer check-ins and visitor loyalty. The Sprout Social media marketing tool helps your business understand the demographics of your followers and craft messages that allow you to interact better with them.

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