Social Sharing and How to See Who Shares Your Stuff

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Who is Sharing your Content on the Social Web?

Buzzsumo lets you find the most shared content for any topic or domain.

BuzzSumo shows you how many times an article has been shared on each social network to date.

When you click the "sharers" button to see WHO shared that content — if its YOUR content — you would be well served to follow and engage that person, but do it with pinche versus the all too common follow up routine with a click here to "buy my stuff" nonsense.

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  1. Hey +Michael Cordova long time since we compared notes? Thx for picking up on this Buzz video. A bit long but got the basics covered in under 10 ;->

  2. Hi +Neil Ferree. I'm always checking in to see what you're putting out to make sure I don't miss anything important. Putting out a lot of books, #ebooks and starting audio books now at Hope the holidays are going well. Waiting for a warm day here in Denver to sneak in a few hours of golf.

  3. This tool has promise. A social media strategy is an amorphous target. Buzzsumo might help.

  4. Targets are always a good idea +O Trader.

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