Backlink Strategies: Linkable Assets, Creating, Promoting Content

A great article on how to create content that others will link to. This is the SEO topic that Google has preached about for years – creating content to acquire valuable backlinks. It describes how to create the content then how to promote it so others will link to it. #backlinks #seo #search engine optimization […]

SEO Headline: Hammer Comes Down on Google’s Unnatural Backlinks?

Google Warns Sites with Unnatural Links, Watch your SEO Backlinking! Google sent emails to many website owners identifying their usage of backlinks that are outside of Google Webmaster Guidelines. They have warned about this for many years, and now they have decided to act on it. Read on… Google’s Unnatural Links Messages: The Shot Heard […]

SEO Benefits of Using Flickr, Picasa

You get many search engine optimization (SEO) benefits from using images located at Flickr and Picasa: Better page load time since these networks have many more computers serving content than your site You get high-quality backlinks pointing to your site You can add geo-location which helps your local search engine rankings Bandwidth and storage reduction […]

Google Panda Tightens Up On Backlink Practices

How are your SEO backlinks panning out today? You in or you out? Think b4 u leap… Embedded Link Google Panda Update: Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Link Building A while back, I wrote about how to get the best high volume links. Fast forward eight months and Google has made two major changes to its […]

Give Your Website A Health Check [INFOGRAPHIC]

Give Your Site a Health Check [Infographic] Make sure your website measures up regarding page load times, header response, domain history (if you bought your domain from someone else), backlinks (extremely important for organic search engine ranking), website code quality, social reach, website security, mobile compatibility and maximizing conversions. More sales fixes everything. Local SEO […]