The Top 10 business books according to 550 entrepreneurs

John Lee Dumas has the most popular entrepreneur podcast out there. He does daily interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs. They each have real stories and tips for those of you interested in starting and running your own business. Lots of great content. I listen to it regularly. This list of books in this infographic are the […]

Direct Response Copywriting Veteran Interviewed by James Schramko

Learn from a Direct Response Copywriting Expert +James Schramko interviews the direct response copywriting veteran Drayton Bird, formerly with David Ogilvy about what has worked for him. There are gems like solve your customers problems, relevance is key, how to create a guarantee (tip: benefits are game changers), test everything and many more. If you are […]

Pitch Deck Examples – 10 + 1 Excellent Pitch Decks

Pitch Deck – What Are Pitch Decks? A pitch deck is a presentation created specifically for investors – for you to get funding. The 2 posts below from and list 10 examples of the best you can find. The +1 bonus example is a pitch deck that was an overnight sensation and is […]

10 Internet Marketing Blog Posts with Everlasting Impact

Nicholas Tart at has been influenced by some great Internet marketing posts that ultimately changed the decisions he has made in business. You might find some gems also. Embedded Link 10 Internet marketing Blog Posts that Made an Everlasting Impact on Me 10 blog posts I’ve read over the years that have made a […]

What Really is Steve Jobs Legacy?

It’s not what you think, but it makes sense after you read this article… Steve Jobs’ 100-year legacy: Humanizing technology | TechRepublic What will the legacy of Steve Jobs be a century from now? It won’t have much to do with business or marketing. Learn what it will be and why. Google+: View post on […]

On-Site or Off-Site Blog, That is The Question

…and I get it a lot. In this article Nick Stamoulis leans towards keeping it on your main company site. That is my recommendation due to the SEO value it adds. All of the links and activity are a real indication to Google that yours is an authority website (if you blog a lot) and […]

6 Things Jeff Bezos Knew in 1997 That Made Amazon A Gorilla

Can’t argue with his track record. He has ruthlessly succeeded at making Amazon the king of online sales and cloud sharing. Worth a read. In short: Go for the jugular when facing an opportunity Think long-term – 5 – 7 years Long-term market share is more important than short-term profits Ok to make mistakes, and […]

Product Launch the Spotify Way

Spotify had a very successful product launch. Here’s how they did it (full details in the link below): 1. Private Beta – to create an element of scarcity with a limited number of invites 2. Geographic Segmentation – plant strategically 3. The “Right” Press and Subtle Hints – get your message in front of the […]

10 Business lessons from Bill Gates

See the other lists on the right sidebar like “7 Surprising Productivity Tips for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs” and “Make Money Online, My Personal Story, How I Created” Embedded Link Top 10 Business Lessons from Bill Gates Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in 1974. In I975, he co-founded Microsoft – a computer software company […]