Free Website Traffic and Conversions Resource

Free white paper download describing all you need to know about creating websites and increasing your traffic and conversions. It also includes local business marketing information. It is full of links to the resources we use to provide the same services to our clients. It is a free download at: Feel free to download, […]

Conversion Rate Optimization/Sales Case Study Results

A case study of one of our recent conversion rate optimization campaigns: In short, what we accomplished in 30 days:$407,400 – Gross sales resulting from Engagement Marketing Service$5,820 – Cost for All Conversions provided to Customer1.43% – Percentage Cost Per Sale for Engagement Marketing Service #cro #conversionrate #conversionrateoptimization #salesfixeseverything #cantstandfences   View this post […]

7 Things Every (Great) Landing Page Needs

If you create landing pages then Neil Patel's work is well worth reading. He is the master. The top diagram says a lot in itself and is worth bookmarking. #landingpage #landingpagedesign #conversionrate #conversionrateoptimization #cantstandfences   7 Things Every (Great) Landing Page Needs No matter how great of a designer, marketer, or copywriter you are, your […]

How to Create Effective Value Propositions – with Examples

Your value proposition separates you from your competitors. With an average of 5 other companies that will be reviewed, this is your best shot at grabbing the attention of buyers and having them take the next step in your direction. Refine your value proposition, test it then roll it out to all of your channels. […]

Local City Marketing

Local marketing consultants at specialize in: 1. Local SEO marketing 2. Targeted website traffic generation 3. Conversion rate optimization We stabilize your business via multiple channels of targeted traffic, then convert it at the highest conversion rates you have ever heard of – this means increasing your lead generation and sales. Follow us at […]

Landing Page Tools

I added a couple more great landing page tools to truly simplify the creation of landing pages to increase conversion rates. Proven insta-designs… #landingpage #landingpagedesign #landingpageoptimization #conversionrate #cantstandfences #conversionrateoptimization #conversionoptimization #cro   Landing Page Tools To Increase Conversions Great list of landing page tools to maximize your conversion rates and increase website business leads. View […]

Conversion Rate Optimization and Eye Tracking

Eye tracking has been used to determine where the eye goes on web pages. This article shows you results and tests that you can perform to maximize your landing page conversions. #landingpages #landingpageoptimization #conversions #conversionrateoptimization #conversionrate #cantstandfences #cro   7 Conversion Lessons Learned From Eye Tracking You’ve seen those eye tracking reports before, but have […]

How We Boosted Conversions by 230% with a Headline Redesign

A must read that can increase your own conversions. A few simple tests and a huge conversion rate increase. #conversionoptimization #conversionrate #conversion_rate_optimization #conversiontracking #cro #headlines #cantstandfences   How We Boosted Conversions by 230% with a Headline Redesign Changing not the headline, but the image around the headline, doubled our conversion. Here’s what you can replicate. […]

8 Landing Page Remedies to Boost Conversion Rates

1. Add Logo Recognition2. Implement User Reviews3. Increase Motivation4. Create a Mobile-Responsive Website5. Remove Just About Everything6. Make It Dummy-Proof7. Use Big Images and Video8. Get New Voiceover Talent #landingpages #landingpageoptimization #landingpagedesign #cantstandfences #conversionrate #conversionoptimization #conversionrateoptimization #cro   via +RJ Frasca  Reshared post from +Anne Thomas View this post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. […]

Guaranteed traffic with guaranteed conversions, what? The formula is simple

Must read… #conversion #conversionrate #cro #websitetraffic #cantstandfences   Guaranteed Website Traffic with Guaranteed Conversions, What? Guaranteed website traffic with guaranteed conversions is attainable at a stunningly great price if you play your cards right. You desperately need to read this. View this post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference […]

Creating an Effective Call to Action that Gets Results

14 tips to create calls to action that convert website visitors into customers. #conversionoptimization #calltoaction #callstoaction #cro #conversionrate #cantstandfences #conversionrateoptimization   Creating an Effective Call to Action that Gets Results 14 Tips to Write Powerful Calls to ActionYour time is precious, so it always strikes me as odd when Expert Authors don’t dedicate a little […]

How to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Conversions can be greatly increased in many ways. 100% increases are possible. Here is a list of some covered in this article:* Clever calls to action and simple wording changes* Adding the price of your product* Making checkout a multiple step process* Having conversations with your visitors via email* Making visitors feel comfortable via imagery* […] – Verify Your Winning Ads and Landing Pages

Use to determine which of 2 ads has the statistically better click-through-rate (CTR), or which landing page has the statistically better conversion rate. #landingpages #landingpageoptimization #conversionrateoptimization #conversionrate #cantstandfences #cro #conversions #conversionoptimization   Embedded Link Is Your Winning Ad Really a Winner? Use This Free Tool to Be Sure! If you’ve got two ads […]

How to Improve Conversion Rates

Re-evaluate your landing page, create social buzz, solidify your USP, upgrade your call to action and improve your offer. #calltoaction #landingpage #landingpageoptimization #conversionrateoptimization #conversionrate #cro #cantstandfences   More Details How to Improve Conversion RatesHow to Improve Conversion Rates Let’s say you have a website that experiences a high volume of traffic. You check your Google […]

Beginner's Guide to Creating Landing Pages for High Conversions

A few examples and the steps for creating landing pages with maximum conversions. #landingpageoptimization #landingpage #conversionrateoptimization #conversionrate #cantstandfences   Embedded Link Beginner’s Guide to Create Landing Page for High Conversion Blog post at Blogging Cage : Do you know Landing Pages are the best way for high conversion. Yeah, some people are subscribing or buying, […]