Use Your Thank You Page More Intelligently

This short Hubspot article points out that your Thank You page can be a workhorse for engagement and offers. #conversions #landingpages #cantstandfences   What in the World Is a Thank-You Page? [Under 100 Words] Learn the definition of a thank-you page in under 100 words. View this post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local […]

All the Conversion Funnel Technology You Need

This video by +Ryan Deiss lists all of the tools he and +Frank Kern use to build their #conversion #funnels . If you engage in #landingpages and #conversionrateoptimization then you need to see this (maybe 10 minute) video. Many more landing page tools at #conversions #cantstandfences   View this post on Google+ More […]

Free Website Traffic and Conversions Resource

Free white paper download describing all you need to know about creating websites and increasing your traffic and conversions. It also includes local business marketing information. It is full of links to the resources we use to provide the same services to our clients. It is a free download at: Feel free to download, […]

Website Traffic + Conversions = Profits

#websitetraffic combined with #conversions brings you the #salesleads that turn into #sales and #profits . You can get it all at http://localcitymarketing as well as #localmarketing services and advice. #cantstandfences   View this post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is local in nature and your […]

Website Traffic and Conversions

A good talk on getting traffic and conversions to and from your website. in particular is a great tip. also has several resources and services for the same purpose. #websitetraffic #conversions #conversionrateoptimization #cantstandfences   #websitetraffictips   View this post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your […]

How to Create Effective Value Propositions – with Examples

Your value proposition separates you from your competitors. With an average of 5 other companies that will be reviewed, this is your best shot at grabbing the attention of buyers and having them take the next step in your direction. Refine your value proposition, test it then roll it out to all of your channels. […]

11 Ways to Improve Your Calls to Action

If you are creating landing pages or doing conversion rate optimization then this list of call to action tips is a great place to brush up and ensure your efforts are most efficient. #calltoaction #calltoactionbuttons #callstoaction #conversions #conversion #conversionrateoptimization #cro #cantstandfences   Click Here: 11 Ways to Improve Your Calls to Action There are two […]

Landing Page Tools To Increase Conversions

Landing pages are special website pages created specifically to coerce visitors into completing an action thus becoming a sales lead. This list of landing page tools should be all you need to create awesome landing pages that convert into leads and sales. Some are for WordPress, some are stand-alone and some are just tips, examples […]

Content Marketing [DYNFOGRAPHIC]

This moving infographic contains many examples of content marketing and how to go about it.Chapters are:1. What is Content Marketing?2. Historical examples3. Interesting Facts About the Content Marketing Industry4. Content Life Cycle5. Measuring the Effectiveness of Content Marketing – includes key performance indicators, primary and secondary conversion indicators.6. Content Marketing Mistakes7. 2013 Content Creation Trends […]

Conversion Rate Optimization and Eye Tracking

Eye tracking has been used to determine where the eye goes on web pages. This article shows you results and tests that you can perform to maximize your landing page conversions. #landingpages #landingpageoptimization #conversions #conversionrateoptimization #conversionrate #cantstandfences #cro   7 Conversion Lessons Learned From Eye Tracking You’ve seen those eye tracking reports before, but have […] – Verify Your Winning Ads and Landing Pages

Use to determine which of 2 ads has the statistically better click-through-rate (CTR), or which landing page has the statistically better conversion rate. #landingpages #landingpageoptimization #conversionrateoptimization #conversionrate #cantstandfences #cro #conversions #conversionoptimization   Embedded Link Is Your Winning Ad Really a Winner? Use This Free Tool to Be Sure! If you’ve got two ads […]

Call to Action Mistakes – and Solutions

A call to action directs your landing page visitor to your desired goal for a conversion. If it isn't suited for this purpose then you lose conversions/sales. This article ensures you do it right. #calltoaction #conversions #conversionrateoptimization #landingpageoptimization #cantstandfences #onlinemarketing #onlinemarketingtips   More Details 5 Horrifying Mistakes Email Marketers Make With Calls-to-Action Discover how to […]

Maximize Conversions With Website Trust Triggers

Placing these triggers onto your website and blog will instill trust in your site visitors, avoid the back button and maximize conversions: 1. Logos 2. Blog Comments 3. Subscriber / Follower / Reader Numbers Lastly see how a feature box can increase your subscriptions and maximize conversions by 51.7% The full article below has […]

10 Tips for Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages can be used for: * Pay per click campaigns * Email marketing campaigns * Search engine optimization conversions * Social media marketing * Traditional media Landing pages are one of the tools you need to maximize conversions. Here is a brief review. Download the full article for more detailed information: 1. Have a […]

Give Your Website A Health Check [INFOGRAPHIC]

Give Your Site a Health Check [Infographic] Make sure your website measures up regarding page load times, header response, domain history (if you bought your domain from someone else), backlinks (extremely important for organic search engine ranking), website code quality, social reach, website security, mobile compatibility and maximizing conversions. More sales fixes everything. Local SEO […]