5 Headline Writing Tips To Make Your Headlines More Effective

via +Neil Ferree #headlines #cantstandfences #copywriting #copywritingtips   Reshared post from +Neil Ferree If your headline sucks, it really doesn't matter how awesome your article is, b/c it won't get clicked and read in the 1st place. Read this article so you can avoid such dismal Forrest Gump follies. h/t +Mike Allton  #ns   5 […]

SEO Copywriting

The rules have changed, so pay attention to the SEO copywriting tips in this infographic. #seo #seotips #copywriting #infographic #cantstandfences   Reshared post from +Neil Ferree 10 SEO Writing Tips you can Actually Use • Right Now • Today #socialseo   #contentmarketing   SEO Writing that Ranks | Social Media Today While there is no […]

The 21 Most Powerful Copywriting Rules of All Time

USP, layout, headlines, benefits vs. features, instantaneous satisfaction and more… #copywriting #writing #copywritingtips #cantstandfences #conversionoptimization   The 21 Most Powerful Copywriting Rules of All Time Writing copy is a key ingredient to successful and effective marketing. The following are notes for a full-length book on how to write copy the sells.1. Know your … This […]

Top 3 LSI Copywriting Tools Revealed

Latent semantic indexing – "ability to correlate semantically related terms that are latent in a collection of text" from Wikipedia. SEO as we have known it for years is being replaced by natural language writing. These free and paid tools assist the copywriter in creating content that is relevant and gets ranked in the search […]

Direct Response Copywriting Veteran Interviewed by James Schramko

Learn from a Direct Response Copywriting Expert +James Schramko interviews the direct response copywriting veteran Drayton Bird, formerly with David Ogilvy about what has worked for him. There are gems like solve your customers problems, relevance is key, how to create a guarantee (tip: benefits are game changers), test everything and many more. If you are […]