Google Launches Disavow Links Tool

After Google's Penguin update sites have been penalized for bad links pointing to their site. Google simply changed their mind from previous policies. This launched a new industry of both removing bad links and putting them up against competitors to kill their rankings. Google now has a tool to assist in disavowing links that you […]

Verify Google Authorship

If you are growing your online presence by content marketing then you need to connect all of the dots that verify the authorship of your blog and accounts with Google. This is very important for your online marketing success. #googleauthorship #google #cantstandfences #contentmarketing #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips   Embedded Link How to Show Your Author Photo […]

Google SEO Survival After Penguin

“It’s about being real, developing relationships, talking with your customers and encouraging action,” President Ash Buckles explained. “If you’re trying to build a credible business that has long-term visibility in the search engines, you need to balance your content development and promotion, link building, social media and speaking with your built-in audience.” Google targeted […]

Google+, Google Merge in Search Results

Google+, Google Merge. Google search engine results pages now include Google+. Is this fair? You’ll be hearing about it. This will affect your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts so pay attention. Embedded Link Chris Lang – Google+ – Be Sure To Read This, Ground Breaking News…. Be Sure To Read This, Ground Breaking News…. Google+: […]

Search Engine Market Share, December 2011

Search Engine Market Share, December 2011. Google and Bing are gradually losing search engine market share while Yahoo is gaining. Keep this in mind while doing your search engine optimization… Search Engine Market Share Report, December 2011 Google+: View post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is […]

Google+ Business Top Posts

Google can make almost anything fly. Their sheer size is enough to tip the scales. There are, however, a few specific points that will make Google+ a success. Read the article by Jay Baer at ConvinceAndConvert for those notions… Embedded Link Why Google Has the Hammer To Make Businesses Use Google Plus (Happy Holidays! I […]

Amazon vs. Apple and Google – Who Wins? [INFOGRAPHIC]

They are competing head to head on many fronts: Tablets E-Readers Mobile Applications TV/File Music Payments E-Commerce E-Commerce Platforms Enterprise E-Commerce Cloud Computing Consumer Cloud Storage You decide the winner – after viewing this infographic. How Amazon Is Competing with Apple and Google [Infographic] While we spend a lot of time talking about the battle […]

Google Panda Tightens Up On Backlink Practices

How are your SEO backlinks panning out today? You in or you out? Think b4 u leap… Embedded Link Google Panda Update: Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Link Building A while back, I wrote about how to get the best high volume links. Fast forward eight months and Google has made two major changes to its […]

Google+ to Have 400 Million Visitors by End of 2012?

Google has many tools to bring to the table that will assist in this. Integration with all of its properties mixed with its Android mobile market share are compelling. Note that 700,000 Android devices are activated daily. Embedded Link Google+ Predicted to Have 400 million Users By End of 2012 Paul Allen, the founder of […]

On-Site or Off-Site Blog, That is The Question

…and I get it a lot. In this article Nick Stamoulis leans towards keeping it on your main company site. That is my recommendation due to the SEO value it adds. All of the links and activity are a real indication to Google that yours is an authority website (if you blog a lot) and […]

Twitter Tools to Find Top Prospects

Twitter tools – This technique is a great way to capture and qualify potential partners or prospects allowing you to make the most of your marketing or research efforts. Scraping a Twitter query then processing that data and sorting it tells you who has websites, what their website rank is, how many backlinks the site […]

Top 7 2011 Search Events, Predictions for 2012

SEOptimise poll results about the biggest search engine events of 2011 and predictions for 2012 Biggest Search Events of 2011 Google Panda update Google SSL search Social signals and integration Siri voice-activated search on the iPhone 4s Yahoo Site Explorer was retired Google freshness algorithm update Microsoft-Yahoo search alliance 2012 Predictions Privacy/Analytics headaches Facebook demographics […]