43 Google Plus Small Business Marketing Tips and Tricks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Very informative infographic with lots of stats and tips to guide you on your Google+ journey – and to convince you that you should go on the Google+ journey in the first place. #googleplus #googleplustips #seo #seotips #searchengineoptimization #cantstandfences   43 Google Plus Small Business Marketing Tips and Tricks – BrandonGaille.com A detailed explanation of […]

10 Dead Simple Tips to Take Advantage of Google+ for SEO

1. Follow your profile links2. Embed post links3. Optimize your G+ title tags4. Unlimited editing power5. Index new content lightning fast6. Connect with influencers7. Optimize your author pic for more traffic8. Test drive a G+ social media dashboard9. Check your CircleRank10. Be an awesome (Late) early adopter #googleplus #googleplustips #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #cantstandfences via +Kamal Bennani  […]

Organic SEO Ranking in the Post Panda/Penguin Era

Info on how to shore up your SEO rankings today. Keywords, Google+, etc. #seo #searchengineoptimization #mattcutts #googleplus   Embedded Link How to Place Well on Google in the Post Panda/Penguin Era — A SPN Exclusive Hard Work Gets You Organic Placement There is no magic wand, no secret recipe, or for that matter special protocol […]

Google+ is Good for Business

#googleplus #googleplusupdate   Reshared post from +Ray Hiltz Why Google+ is Good For Business – and the Stats to Prove it [Infographic]+Oli Gardner over at +Unbounce gives us with another infographic that we can share with clients and G+ sceptics.Here's his summary of the main advantages of having a Google+ Page taken from the infographic.: – 90 million […]

Google+ Psychology

Google+ Psychology Reshared post from +martin shervington Is Google+ making the web personal?This is an brief article about G+ and psychology… Have you noticed how much altruism or giving there is on Google+?Every Google+ post is a potential "meme" (unit of thought or behavior that replicates itself).The classic by Susan Blackmore, "The Meme Machine", proposes […]