Local SEO Marketing Tips

Detailed info on:– 96 Quick SEO Wins – What Can You Do With an Hour?– 40 Important Local Search Questions Answered– 5 Landing Page Conversion Killers– How to Make Your Website More Interesting and Linkworthy– 9 SEO Quirks You Should Be Aware Ofand a short Matt Cutts video on whether you should use the nofollow […]

Local Marketing Twitter Style

"I found Twitter Ads to be much more worthwhile…With a small test budget of $100 and $5/daily spend I was able to garner 6513 impressions, 2.21% CTR, 144 clicks for a whopping total spend of $83.25." #twitter #twittermarketing #twitteradvertising #localsearchmarketing #localmarketing #cantstandfences #localsearchmarketing #localseomarketing   More Details How to Use Twitter Ads for a Small […]