Loal SEO Search Ranking Factors

Exposed!!! #localseo #localseotips #localseonews #localseomarketing #localmarketing #cantstandfences #localmarketingtips   Reshared post from +Moz The Local SEO Search Ranking Factors Factors Results are in! And +David Mihm has all the goodies and insights.  Announcing the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors Results The full results of this year’s Local Search Ranking Factors survey are in! Moz’s director of […]

10 Simple Local Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business Today!

#localmarketingtips #localmarketing #localseo #localseotips #cantstandfences #localseomarketing   Reshared post from +Luis Galarza 10 Simple Local Marketing Tips To Boost Your Small Business Today!Local Business Tips 1. Claim And Set Up Your Google+ Local.2. Check Business Data Aggregators For Accuracy And Consistency.3. Merge Your Google+ Business Page With Your Local Page or Places Profile.4. Remember That Bing And Yahoo! Have […]

Local SEO in 5 Easy Steps

1. See if your target keywords trigger the local algorithm.2. Check how close your business is to the city's center (centroid).3. Check competitiveness of the top 7 (7 Pack) local company listings.4. List your company Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) in all appropriate local directories. Make sure it is consistent.5. List your company Name, […]

Jill Whalen's SEO Tools

A great list of SEO tools that everyone concerned with their website's online presence should review. #seo #searchengineoptimization #localseo #localseotips #seotips #seotools #cantstandfences #localseomarketing   Jill Whalen’s SEO Tools and Extensions | SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources I am not a big tool user in general. By that I mean the types of tools that […]

Local SEO Marketing Simplified

4 quick steps to local seo marketing and rankings:1. Distribute your company name, address and phone number2. Manage positive reviews and online reputation3. Create and promote offers and events4. Engage with your prospects in social media and your website #localseomarketing #localseo #localseotips #localmarketing #cantstandfences #localmarketingtips #seo #seotips #searchengineoptimization   Local SEO Marketing Simplified Local SEO […]

Local Marketing Works – See These Case Study Results

See the results below of a local marketing campaign for one of our customers. In this case we managed online company reviews. This resulted in them getting into the top 'A' slot in their Google Plus Local listing as well as having the highest score with the most reviews. So, this effort has not only […]

Local Search Tips from +Andrew Shotland at SearchEngineLand.com

Local Search Tips from +Andrew Shotland at SearchEngineLand.comSearch engines take signals from many data items you leave on the web. Read this to make sure you leave well tuned breadcrumbs.via +Danny Sullivan #seo #searchengineoptimization #localseo #localseomarketing #localmarketing #localmarketingtips #cantstandfences #localseotips Reshared post from +Danny Sullivan Want to be found in local search? +Andrew Shotland has some […]

Top 7 Local SEO Marketing Tips

1. Create an appropriate website. It is the hub of all of your communications. Make sure it has a blog and calls to action for visitors to contact you. Add testimonials, case studies, associations, etc.2. Get your local business directory listings and optimize them with calls to action, images and video.3. Continually get positive reviews […]

How to Rank #1 in Google – By Matt Cutts

An entertaining mashup from Google Webmaster Help videos on many topics of SEO and organic search engine rankings. #seo #searchengineoptimization #localseo #localseotips #cantstandfences #organicsearch   Google+: View post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is local in nature and your customers are from within a few […]

5 Online Sales Prospecting Tips for Inbox Leads Daily

A quick read that shows you how to get real leads and prospects into your inbox daily. #sales #salestips #salesprospecting #onlinemarketing #cantstandfences #localseo #localseomarketing #localseotips #leadgen #leadgeneration #leadgenerationmethods #salesleadgeneration   More Details Sales Prospecting – 5 Tips for Online Sales Leads Today! Sales prospecting white paper has 5 simple ways to get online leads, increase […]

Local SEO Marketing Tips

Detailed info on:– 96 Quick SEO Wins – What Can You Do With an Hour?– 40 Important Local Search Questions Answered– 5 Landing Page Conversion Killers– How to Make Your Website More Interesting and Linkworthy– 9 SEO Quirks You Should Be Aware Ofand a short Matt Cutts video on whether you should use the nofollow […]

Positive Reviews Convince Buyers and Increase Sales

These 3 case studies show that if you are a local business you need to pay attention to and manage positive online reviews. They will increase your rankings, conversions and sales. Just do it! #positivereviews #positiveonlinereviews #localseo #localseotips #localseomarketing #cantstandfences   Embedded Link Positive Reviews Convince Buyers – 3 Case Studies Positive Reviews Convince Buyers […]