Mobile Traffic Results Are In – And Non Monbile-Friendly Sites Lost

Fair warning.1. Businesses Lost Search Traffic As A Result Of Not Being Mobile Friendly2. Mobile Rankings Have Never Been More Different From Desktop Rankings Than They Are Right Now3. It Will Only Get Worse For Those Not Optimized For Multiple Screens #mobile #mobilemarketing #mobilewebsites #cantstandfences   Mobilegeddon Is Beginning, Not Ending The Mobile Friendly Update has […]

Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo) SEO Marketing Strategies

Including:1. List management2. Social branding3. Google+4. On-site SoLoMo Optimization tactics5. Page speed optimization #social #local #mobile #socialmedia #localseo #localseomarketing #mobilemarketing #cantstandfences   #seo #searchengineoptimization   5 SoLoMo-Minded SEO Strategies View this post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is local in nature and your customers are […]

Mobile First

Desktops are waning and mobile is taking. Put it on your agenda. #mobile #mobilemarketing #mobilematters   Reshared post from +Chris Brogan Planning for a Mobile-First World At IMS12 in San Francisco, +Rick Bakas said we had to put mobile first and the desktop second. Join +Chuck Martin and I for a conversation about that and more. Or, […]

Mobile Web Design – The Right Way

Mobile Web Design – The Right Way Proper mobile web design and mobile development must consider many factors. The short list is below. Click the link to read the full article. Target the right screen resolution Responsive design is critical to your success Manage mobile pixel density Use alternate input for forms and menu items […]

Mobile Web Design Tips

… and mobile web design tips to avoid like: An or separate mobile website Stripped down versions of your main website Mobile development and mobile web design are evolving and you should pay attention or lose the fast-growing mobile market. Mobile website design tips | Rise As more people use phones and tablets, […]

Top 5 2012 Trends for Search & Social Media Marketing

1. Mainstream Organizations Adopt Marketing Automation & Social CRM 2. Social Media Becomes an Increasing Factor in Search Algorithms 3. Customers and Employees Become an Extended Part of Companies’ Marketing Teams 4. Mobile + Social Evolve Together to Create New User Scenarios 5. Daily Deals Receive Prominence in Search Engine Result Pages Do you agree? […]

QR Codes – 14 Facts and Tools for Marketers

If you are interested at all in the mobile exploson and how to use it to your advantage then read this post at Search Engine Watch. You’ll get some real, actionable information from it. Embedded Link Top 14 Things Marketers Need to Know About QR Codes I recently spoke at SES New York on best […]

5 Biggest Mobile Stories Of 2011

5 Biggest Mobile Stories Of 2011 – Personal-tech – Mobile OS – Informationweek From mergers to phones, wireless technologies, and mobile operating systems, 2011 was an explosive one for the mobile industry. Here are the five biggest mobile stories of the year. See full details at the links on thsi page: Android domination AT&T/T-Mobile Merger […]

50 Most Useful JQuery Plugins from 2011

The list includes Mobile Specific Plugins, Galleries & Carousels, Modal Window Plugins, Plugins for Responsive Layouts, Sliders, Web Typography Plugins, Form & Validation Plugins, Animation Plugins and many others… Embedded Link The 50 Most Useful jQuery Plugins from 2011 Google+: Reshared 1 times Google+: View post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing […]