CSS Sprites Made Easy

CSS Sprites Should Be Used On Every Website CSS sprites are images melded together with each of them addressed individually using CSS. CSS sprites reduce the number of images that have to be loaded onto a web page, and are one of the standard methods of optimizing page load time. You should always consider using […]

SEO Benefits of Using Flickr, Picasa

You get many search engine optimization (SEO) benefits from using images located at Flickr and Picasa: Better page load time since these networks have many more computers serving content than your site You get high-quality backlinks pointing to your site You can add geo-location which helps your local search engine rankings Bandwidth and storage reduction […]

Give Your Website A Health Check [INFOGRAPHIC]

Give Your Site a Health Check [Infographic] Make sure your website measures up regarding page load times, header response, domain history (if you bought your domain from someone else), backlinks (extremely important for organic search engine ranking), website code quality, social reach, website security, mobile compatibility and maximizing conversions. More sales fixes everything. Local SEO […]