Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Different #tools than the usual. A few good ideas. #wordpress #pageloadtime #wordpresstips #cantstandfences   Easy Ways To Speed up Your WordPress Site Let’s face it, no matter how clever your website, and how amazing your content is, if your pages load at a snail’s pace then you can’t help but provide a bad user experience. […]

Reduce WordPress Page Load Times Dramatically

WP Super Cache is a great WordPress cacheing tool that will speed up your page load times and take a lot of stress off of your web server. I just installed and configured it on 3 sites with the settings below which reduced each of their load times by 50% according to http://gtmextrix.com. WP Super […]

Fix Your Slow Page Load Times

…or pay the price in terms of lost conversions and sales. Nobody wants to wait around for your website pages to load if you haven't done your housekeeping. With a few hours and the right tools you can reduce page load times to under a second, and your site visitors will appreciate it. #pageloadtime #usability […]

14 of the Top Designer Apps of 2012

Prototyping, sketching, portfolio, page load time, doodles, HTML5 and other tools for the creative in you. #design #designtools #pageloadtime #designapps #apps #cantstandfences   More Details 14 of the best apps from 2012 for designers, developers and creatives If you’re a creative with a penchant for eking out the best tools to help you produce the […]

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips – Page Load Time

Many tools for speeding up your pages since page load time affects conversion rates. Just do it. via +Richard Hill… #pageloadtime #cro #conversionrateoptimization #cantstandfences   Reshared post from +Richard Hill Embedded Link Site speed: case studies, tips and tools for improving your conversion rate There are numerous studies that highlight how important site speed is […]