A Simple Guide to Optimizing Your Landing Pages [INFOGRAPHIC]

Discusses the factors that determine your success, and ideas on how to manage your #landingpages such as split-testing vs. multivariate testing and ROI: The main factors elements of a #landingpage (and what to test):1. Benefits2. Call to Action3. Testimonials4. Image5. 3rd Party verifications #roi #conversionrateoptimization #cro #cantstandfences   A Simple Guide to Optimizing Your Landing […]

Landing Page Tools To Increase Conversions

Landing pages are special website pages created specifically to coerce visitors into completing an action thus becoming a sales lead. This list of landing page tools should be all you need to create awesome landing pages that convert into leads and sales. Some are for WordPress, some are stand-alone and some are just tips, examples […]

Content Marketing [DYNFOGRAPHIC]

This moving infographic contains many examples of content marketing and how to go about it.Chapters are:1. What is Content Marketing?2. Historical examples3. Interesting Facts About the Content Marketing Industry4. Content Life Cycle5. Measuring the Effectiveness of Content Marketing – includes key performance indicators, primary and secondary conversion indicators.6. Content Marketing Mistakes7. 2013 Content Creation Trends […]