Social Media Marketing Tools to Monitor Your Online Presence

5 Top Social Media Marketing Tools These social media marketing and social media analytics tools track your online presence. Brand management is important and these tools keep your finger on the pulse of the buzz. 1. ConverSocial – processing interactions, prioritizing complaints, and accurately analyzing a conversation history database. The upstart online social media manager […]

Social Media Marketing Success – Injured NFL Hopeful Makes Fortune with LinkedIn [VIDEO]

World record holder and former professional football player Lewis Howes got injured in his rookie season. After losing everything he used the social media marketing power of LinkedIn to become a millionaire in 2 years. Howes used LinkedIn networking to launch his brand. He is now a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker and brand awareness consultant. […]

10 Tips for Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages can be used for: * Pay per click campaigns * Email marketing campaigns * Search engine optimization conversions * Social media marketing * Traditional media Landing pages are one of the tools you need to maximize conversions. Here is a brief review. Download the full article for more detailed information: 1. Have a […]

Top 5 2012 Trends for Search & Social Media Marketing

1. Mainstream Organizations Adopt Marketing Automation & Social CRM 2. Social Media Becomes an Increasing Factor in Search Algorithms 3. Customers and Employees Become an Extended Part of Companies’ Marketing Teams 4. Mobile + Social Evolve Together to Create New User Scenarios 5. Daily Deals Receive Prominence in Search Engine Result Pages Do you agree? […]

Avoiding Self Destructive Tweets – and How To Fix Them When You Blew It

Avoiding Self Destructive Tweets – and How To Fix Them When You Blew It Embedded Link Corporate Twitter Account Train Wreck! The 3 Types of Self-Destructive Tweets (Happy Holidays! I analyzed my Top 6 blog posts for 2011 by total page views, and am re-running them this week as a “greatest hits” compilation. This is […]

10 Social Media Marketing Things to Avoid

Do these social media blunders at your peril: — 1. Ignoring Feedback 2. Not making good conversation 3. Abandoning your campaign 4. Not targeting your audience 5. Producing vague daily information 6. Social media audience is not my real customers 7. Not branding your business 8. Not being patient 9. Not personalizing your marketing 10. […]