Double Your Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

EXCELLENT tips to grow your Twitter followers and list of lead prospects. Twitter is a great source for both B2B and B2C  contacts. It provides a real-time coversation with prospects that want to talk to you. What else do you want? Do it today, now! If you want to know more about how Twitter can […]

50 Best People to Follow on Twitter

Engage with the top content contributers on Twitter. #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #cantstandfences #awesomesauce #twitter #twittertips   50 Best People to Follow on Twitter – A listing of the top 50 people to follow on Twitter and biggest social media influencers of 2013. View this post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing […]

Increase Tweet Clicks

Get 350% more clicks. This is effective depending on what your goals are… #twitter #twittertips #twittermarketing #cantstandfences   Promoted Tweets: Is a Picture Worth 350% More Clicks? A recent photo in a tweet vs. no photo in a tweet experiment revealed that a linked photo results in 120 percent increase in engagement and 350 percent […]

Local Marketing Twitter Style

"I found Twitter Ads to be much more worthwhile…With a small test budget of $100 and $5/daily spend I was able to garner 6513 impressions, 2.21% CTR, 144 clicks for a whopping total spend of $83.25." #twitter #twittermarketing #twitteradvertising #localsearchmarketing #localmarketing #cantstandfences #localsearchmarketing #localseomarketing   More Details How to Use Twitter Ads for a Small […]

Twitter Awe-inspiring Brand Page Designs and Tips

How to upgrade your Twitter Brand Page Designs  – Awe-inspiring Twitter and Social Media Tips – Daily ‘Net Features – Website Magazine Awe-inspiring Twitter Brand Page Designs and Tips – Daily ‘Net Features – Website Magazine While awaiting the imminent rollout of “the new Twitter” to the majority of the social network’s user-base, now is […]

Avoiding Self Destructive Tweets – and How To Fix Them When You Blew It

Avoiding Self Destructive Tweets – and How To Fix Them When You Blew It Embedded Link Corporate Twitter Account Train Wreck! The 3 Types of Self-Destructive Tweets (Happy Holidays! I analyzed my Top 6 blog posts for 2011 by total page views, and am re-running them this week as a “greatest hits” compilation. This is […]

Twitter Tools to Find Top Prospects

Twitter tools – This technique is a great way to capture and qualify potential partners or prospects allowing you to make the most of your marketing or research efforts. Scraping a Twitter query then processing that data and sorting it tells you who has websites, what their website rank is, how many backlinks the site […]