3 Simple Steps to Creating the Perfect Kickstarter Video

You need funding desperately. Without a solid video your chances of success are only 30%. Author +Jessica Chesney and her co-workers at Command Partners have developed a formula that works. Jessica says "I've been assisting Kickstarter projects for some time now and have worked with some of the top campaigns." Read it. It's good advice […]

How to Leverage Investment in Video to Build More Links

Detailed post on the strategy of using videos to gain links and build your online presence._1. Using video as a media type within interactive content2. Using video as link bait3. Build links off the back of your YouTube presence4. Advertise your content library and permission assets5. Use video to improve and augment page types6. Support […]

Video Marketing 101

Worth a read if you are considering video marketing… #videomarketing #videomarketingtips #onlinemarketing #cantstandfences Embedded Link » White Paper » Apogee Results – The Online Marketing Authority | Austin, Texas White Paper. Video Marketing 101: How To Get Real Returns From Good Content. With the rising popularity of video platforms like YouTube, which gets over 800 […]

Video Marketing – How To Dominate 1st 3 Google Pages

How to do video marketing to dominate top SEO Google search positions. #seo #seomarketing #videomarketing #videomarketingtips #searchengineoptimization   Embedded Link 3 Things I Did to Dominate the 1st 3 Pages of Google First the results: On the first page of Google, as of writing of this article, I have 3 listings in Google's natural search […]