Viral Traffic with StumbleUpon

#viral #stumbleupon Embedded Link How I Got 158,000 Stumbles on One Post This is exactly how I got 158,000 Stumbles on one blog post from StumbleUpon. Google+: View post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is local in nature and your customers are from within a […]

Viral Content – 21 Ways to Viralize Your Content, Boost Website SEO

In his 21 Types of Successful Viral Content article Jordan Kasteler he lists details of how to make sure you get the most mileage out of your social media posts. You can boost your search engine optimization (SEO) signals and benefit your website search engine rankings. You should read his article for all details. It […]

Product Launch the Spotify Way

Spotify had a very successful product launch. Here’s how they did it (full details in the link below): 1. Private Beta – to create an element of scarcity with a limited number of invites 2. Geographic Segmentation – plant strategically 3. The “Right” Press and Subtle Hints – get your message in front of the […]