Mobile Web Design – The Right Way

Mobile Web Design – The Right Way Proper mobile web design and mobile development must consider many factors. The short list is below. Click the link to read the full article. Target the right screen resolution Responsive design is critical to your success Manage mobile pixel density Use alternate input for forms and menu items […]

Mobile Web Design Tips

… and mobile web design tips to avoid like: An or separate mobile website Stripped down versions of your main website Mobile development and mobile web design are evolving and you should pay attention or lose the fast-growing mobile market. Mobile website design tips | Rise As more people use phones and tablets, […]

Typography Math – And You Thought it Was Just a Bunch of Text

Golden Ratio Typography There is serious math behind Golden Ratio Typography – and you thought it was just a bunch of text Read the article to find all about typography and usability as applied to website design. How to Tune Typography Based on Characters Per Line In my research into Golden Ratio Typography, I focused […]

Website Page Testing [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you aren’t testing your website then you aren’t improving. There are many tools out there to manage your tests. Here’s what companies are testing: 1. Call to Action buttons 2. Page layout 3. Navigation 4. Copy 5. Promotions and offers 6. Checkout process 7. Imagery 8. Product selection process 9. Security fields Infographic: Site […]

Web Design Feature Creep

Web design feature creep – what does one do? The feature creep scenario is discussed in this post. Embedded Link Andy Budd::Blogography Why web designers are holding themselves back | December 3, 2011. Have you every been in the situation where the client keeps requesting tweaks to the design or changes in functionality? As you sit […]

Web Design Usability – A How To Quick Reference Guide

Usability has a lot to do with whether your website is successful. Your goals may vary and can include branding, sales, lead generation, etc. Regardless of your goals, you need to first think of your visitor. Topics covered: Usability – The Numbers Page Layout And Structure Usability Website Navigation Usability Text Characteristics Usability Link Definitions […]

Zen and the Art of Good Web Design

A great post on minimalism in website design. In short: Use plenty of whitespace Use subtle background colors Add color to your subheadings Use compelling images – get free creative commons images Create a custom header – it provides your first impression Zen and the Art of Good Web Design – CopyBlogger Google+: View post […]

WordPress Theme Optimization

Several PHP coding techniques with sample code that will optimize your page load times and user experience. They use the built-in WordPress filter, shortcode and action capabilities. Nice post by Elio Rivero. WordPress is an extensible platform and with developers ideas like this it is now riding the crest of the wave of content management […]

100 Hot Google+ Tips

If you are spending a lot of time on Google+ these tips will enhance your experience and productivity. Can't hurt. Embedded Link Here are 100 Hot Tips to Improve Your Google+ Experience ( | WordPress Magazine Google wants to make sharing online more like sharing in real life – different things with different people. Google+: […]

How To Develop Android Apps Without Programming

This has potential. I've spent 20+ years writing code for this or that platform, and this almost sounds like cheating to me. Anyhoo, it's on my short list… Embedded Link Develop android apps without writing code Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on […]

160 Must Have Free PSD Files Every Designer Should Download

In this post you can get PSD files for : Audio players Drop-down menus UI elements Transparent content boxes Pagination icons Menu items Mini Tool Tips Thumbnail Hover State Overlay Paper post design   Embedded Link 160 Must Have Free PSD Files Every Designer Should Download – icanbeCreative Here we have an awesome assortment of […]

30 Pure CSS Alternatives to Javascript

There are many CSS tools in this list like: CSS image maps CSS timelines CSS lightboxes CSS content slider CSS bubble effects CSS visual sitemaps Perfect Full Page Background Image CSS content accordian CSS data charts CSS bar charts CSS line graphs CSS animated progress bar CSS buttons Pure CSS Scrollable Table with Fixed Header […]

2011 Top 50 Web Design / Web Development Icon Sets

Use these icons freely in your website designs. Embedded Link Top 50 Web Development, Design and Application Icon Sets from 2011 Google+: View post on Google+ More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is local in nature and your customers are from within a few miles radius. Powerful […]

Top 10 CSS Design Resources

CSS in web design is becoming more and more important. CSS3 brings a lot more capabilities to the table. These tools sill simplify your use of CSS. You should learn how they can help your website design eforts. You can get free CSS design resources like: W3C Standards tools Google web fonts for typography in […]

Should you build a mobile app or a mobile-enabled website?

Should you build a mobile app or a mobile-enabled website? It is a real question that many are pondering. Here are some points to consider… Embedded Link Why HTML5 makes justifying native applications more difficult | TechRepublic Justin James, who is now very bullish on Web applications, explains what you need to consider when […]