Top 10 SEO Tools Worth the Price

This comprehensive SEO tools list from Brett Langlois at is a great list of tools for your online marketing toolbox.

1. Majestic SEO
Cost: Free, $49.99, $149.99 and $399.99 per month

_Majestic SEO provides detailed reports about a website’s citation flow, keywords, anchor text, and backlink history (you can even compare backlinks for up to five domains simultaneously). Majestic SEO also offers Webmaster Tools that you can link with a Google Webmaster Tools account.

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2. SEOmoz PRO
Cost: 30 day free trial, $99, $199 and $499 per month

Open Site Explorer as a great way to find backlinks. You can track rankings, analyze your social media followers, check and compare backlinks across multiple URLS, test a website for crawl errors, perform keyword analysis, and more.

3. Raven Tools
Cost: 30 day free trial, $99 and $249 per month

_Raven Tools draws data from multiple sources (including Majestic SEO, SEMoz, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Adwords) in order to provide a comprehensive report.

Raven has 30+ tools that can help you with almost any aspect of SEO and digital marketing, including SEO research, campaign management, link building, competitor analysis, social media monitoring, backlink reporting, content management, and metrics._

4. Advanced Web Ranking
Cost: 30 Day Guarantee. 30 day free trial. Lifetime licenses at $99, $199, $399 and 1,499

Advanced Web Ranking (@awebranking) is one of the most sophisticated SEO software packages available. It provides tools that will help you with rank tracking, link building analytics, social media monitoring, keyword research, competitor analysis, and website optimization. It is particularly valuable for seeing exactly where a website ranks for a specific keyword on a specific search engine, as compared with competitors.

5. SEMRush
Cost: 7 day Money Back Guarantee. Monthly fees of $69.95, $79.95 and 149.95

_SEMrush (@SEMrush) is a competitor research tool that focuses on all aspects of search engine marketing, including SEO and paid search advertising.

SEMrush has access to a massive amount of data from both Google and Bing, which allows you to see where competitors are ranking for over 95 million organic keywords. You can determine exactly how successful a given keyword is for a particular domain, and see the value of organic traffic to specific landing pages._

6. WordTracker
Cost: Yearly $449, Monthly $69 (Yearly saves $379, 46%)

_WordTracker (@wordtracker) is most known for its keyword research tool. The Keywords tool draws on data for over 160 million keywords, in addition to the 95 million keywords powered by Wordtracker’s partners at SEMrush. With such a massive amount of data, finding appropriate short and long tail keywords is a cinch.

WordTracker provides you with up to 1000 keywords from a single seed. It also shows competition data on how many pages are competing for each keyword and what it’s potential value is. The Related Keywords tool helps you broaden your search by suggesting related topics and niches.
WordTracker recently released a Link Builder tool as well. The Link Builder scours the web to find your best link prospects based on authority, popularity, and relevance._

7. SEO PowerSuite
Cost: Free editions of all products, 30 day money back guarantee, $249/year and $599/year

_The Suite is made up of four software tools that you can also choose to purchase separately: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, LinkAssistant, and SEO SpyGlass.

Rank Tracker instantly checks where your website ranks for all your keywords, and helps you discover new keywords to target. It supports 341 international and local search engines and uses a “number-of-searches-to-competition” ration to show you the best keywords to optimize for. Best of all, Rank Tracker lets you work with an unlimited number of domains and can be completely automated.

WebSite Auditor allows you to analyze an entire site on both a micro and macro level for common errors such as broken links, duplicate content, and missing HTML elements. The tool will recommend specific steps to optimize your website for specific keywords on specific search engines, and show you how your website compares to the top-ranked competitors.

LinkAssistant makes the link-building process simpler by finding valuable link partners along with their contact information. The tool also allows you to create and upload your own link directory, manage email correspondence with link prospects, and monitor your links over time.

SEO SpyGlass reveals the entire link-building strategy of competitors’ websites, including the number and origin of backlinks, their Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank, and their anchor and title keyword density. Knowing what the competition is doing is a great way to stay ahead of the game._

8. Ahrefs
Cost: 7-day money back guarantee
Monthly: $79, $179, $499
Yearly: $790, $1,790, $4,990

_Ahrefs (@ahrefs) is a suite of tools that uses their own index of live links to provide valuable SEO data. The suite includes a Site Explorer, SEO Report, Backlinks Report, Domain Comparison, and Batch Analysis.
The tool it’s probably most known for is the Site Explorer, which is a backlink checker similar to Majestic SEO and SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer. Site Explorer runs reports on a domain or URL and returns information about the number of backlinks, backlink type, referring pages/IPs/subnets/domains, and anchor phrases. Its live links update every fifteen minutes on average._

9. BuzzStream
Cost: Free trial, $29, $99 and $249 per month

_BuzzStream (@buzzstream) is a great tool for link-building, CRM, and social media management.

With BuzzStream, you can easily bookmark websites, search pages for contact info, collect metrics, track Twitter conversations, segment contacts into email lists, and more._

10. WhiteSpark
Cost: Free,
Monthly: $20, $30, $40 and $100
Yearly: $200, $300, $400 and $1,000

_Whitespark (@whitespark) is a Canadian company that offers a suite of SEO tools, including the Link Prospector, Rank Tracker, Review Handout Generator, Offline Conversion Tracker, and Local Citation Finder.

Perhaps the most unique of these tools is the Local Citation Finder, since it focuses on a specific area of SEO that doesn’t get as much attention as others – local SEO. Local SEO is all about getting a business to rank in the local results section of a Google results page, which can be critical for a business’s success.

Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder allows you to discover citation sources (a critical factor in local search rankings) for particular keywords in particular cities. With this information, you can easily build citations for your client on the websites that are the most relevant and authoritative.

“It is not simply a tool for finding business directories to get listed in. It will help you find these of course, but it also goes much deeper to show you the valuable unstructured citations that your competition is getting through guest posting, sponsorships, hosting events, job listings, video promotion, etc.”_

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Top 10 SEO Tools Worth the Price | Powered by Search
Last week, I wrote a blog post on the Top 10 Free SEO Tools for Beginners. Today I will be continuing on that theme with a look at the Top 10 Paid SEO tools, for the more advanced SEOs out there.

More sales fixes everything. Local SEO marketing makes the difference if your business is local in nature and your customers are from within a few miles radius.

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